Robert A. Bauer

R.A. Bauer & Associates LLC

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R.A. Bauer & Associates was started as a business in March 1999. We are a materials testing laboratory
and consulting service focused on electrochemical methods to characterize materials, their interactions with each
other, and with their environment. Our testing and experience quantify problems, identify unexpected
interactions, and help engineers make better material and processing choices.

Ownership and Expertise

  • R.A. Bauer & Associates is owned by and the principle chemist is: Robert A. Bauer.
  • B.S. - Chemistry, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  • M.S. - Materials Science, Marquette University
  • 49 years of experience in chemistry & metallurgy
  • 15 years experience with corrosion resistant cast alloys
  • 28 years of experience with electrochemical methods applied to corrosion 
  • Established a corrosion testing laboratory for a Fortune 200 Company
  • Developed electrochemical sensors for contamination in lubricants
  • Member of ASM (Materials Information Society)
  • Member of NACE (Corrosion Society)
  • Member of MRS (Materials Research Society)
  • Experienced with many applications and processing for metals, plastics, ceramics, and lubricants

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