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Bauer & Associates was founded in February 1999. We have solved corrosion, material, and process problems for small, medium, and large companies in many fields - plumbing, marine, chemical, medical, automotive, appliances, electrical, and more. We are focused on electrochemical methods to evaluate corrosion and the performance of coatings because these methods are the most quantitative, reproducible, and predictive.

Bauer & Associates offers both testing and consulting services. Our team and partners know iron, aluminum, and copper metallurgy, both cast and wrought. We have experience with polymers, ceramics, paints, and lubricants. We can help to evaluate or choose the best material or process for your product. When something is not right, we will discover why.

Bauer & Associates maintains research quality primary instruments, and in general, we follow ASTM and NACE procedures. However, it is often necessary to deviate from standard procedures in order to accommodate a test that is more of a “real world” environment. We also have a selection of custom-made cells, fixtures, and accessories to facilitate testing “real world” samples in “real world” conditions.